How to winter-proof a summerhouse? Useful tips for keeping your summerhouse dry and warm during the winter.

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Have you prepared your summerhouse for the upcoming winter? Not yet? It’s crucial to prepare all timber structures, including summerhouses, for the winter – most importantly, to keep them warm and dry, but also to prolong the overall lifetime of the timber structures, and to keep all of your belongings and furniture securely stored. Do you want to find out how to winter-proof your summerhouse? Read on to find out the top tips on how to keep your summerhouse dry and warm during the winter.


The most important thing in winter-proofing a summerhouse is the insulation. None of the other winter-proofing tips would give the needed result without a proper floor, wall and roof insulation. A properly insulated summerhouse will be both warm and dry, yet more energy efficient. How to add insulation if it hasn’t been done during the assembly? Simply install roof insulation panels, wall thermal insulation plates, and an extra inner wall – this will help you to reduce the heat loss through the roof and walls.


Once your summerhouse has been properly insulated, the next step is to find the best heating solution. The easiest options are electric radiators and electric stoves, but you can also opt for a wood burning stove as well. When deciding on the right heating solution, consider how you plan to use the summerhouse during the cold months. If it’s mainly used as a storage area, an electric stove will be enough, but if you plan to use it as extra living area, for example, a garden office, then definitely invest in a wood burning stove.

Roof gutters

If you want to keep your summerhouse dry and make sure it will last for years, invest a little extra to add roof gutters. This way your summerhouse will be protected from any water leakage and from the repeated dampening of the wooden parts. Rain gutters are easy to install, and they will complete the look of your summerhouse as well.


When was the last time you treated your summerhouse with a fresh coat of paint? If you can’t remember the last time you’ve done it, you should definitely find some time to add an extra layer of paint while the weather is still dry. In the winter, your summerhouse will be exposed to rain, snow, and wind, therefore, it’s important to treat it with a timber preservation treatment before the cold sets in properly.

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