Turn your garden building into a real eye-catcher by choosing the right type of roof!

When you buy a log cabin, of course, you’ll want it to be both durable and beautiful. The main things that people pay attention to in terms of design are the size, the shape, and the colour. However, one of the main design features that create the overall appearance of the garden building is the roof. A certain combination of the roof type (an apex roof or a flat roof, for example), roofing material and roof finials can make or break the overall appearance of your log cabin or summerhouse! Do you want to learn more about the roof types available for garden buildings and how to choose the right one? Keep reading this article to do so!

An apex roof

An apex roof is among the most popular roof types for timber garden buildings. This classic style really helps to enhance the different shapes of garden buildings, yet it’s easy to assemble. Moreover, apex roofs are also versatile in terms of achieving a certain look. Whether it’s a classic style or a contemporary design garden building, you’ll never fail to achieve either one with an apex roof. Although the apex roof style seems to be pretty common and widespread, the right choice of roofing material can turn every apex roof into the focal point of your garden building. Usually, apex roofs are supplied with shingles that are available in various colours. All you have to do is to choose the right colour that will enhance the look of your garden building!

A flat roof

A flat roof is a type of roof that has become more and more popular among garden building owners, as it helps to achieve a more contemporary look. However, it’s also possible to achieve a very classic look for your garden building using this roof type as well. No matter what kind of design you prefer, the clean lines of the flat roof certainly help the structure to stand out! The most durable roofing material for flat roofs is the EPDM roof covering, which is extremely durable and requires minimal care. The clean lines are enhanced by aluminium trims that also create a put-together look.

Bespoke roof ideas

Both for the apex and flat roofs, different bespoke roof design ideas can be implemented. One of the most popular roof design ideas for the apex roofs is the roof finials. The roof finials not only enhance the overall design of the building but also add a unique, bespoke feature that no one else will have. Meanwhile, for the flat roofs, one of the latest design trends are the green roofs – partially or completely covered in grass!

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