Wood treatment options for log cabins

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It’s very likely that every log cabin owner would like to preserve its appearance for many years to come. After all, it’s a lot more enjoyable to own a log cabin that looks well-kept, instead of owning one that’s decayed over time. In order to ensure that your log cabin retains its appearance, it’s recommended to treat it with an appropriate paint treatment before it’s assembled and then re-treat it regularly. In addition to that, it’s important to remember that the treatment must be applied not only to the walls but the windows and doors as well. To help you protect your log cabin against damage from the influence of weather, we have summarised the factory treatment options available for log cabins in this article – keep on reading to find out more!

Treatment for walls

There are two main factory treatment options available for treating the outside of a log cabin – spray treatment and pressure treatment. If you choose spray treatment, it will ensure that all of the parts of your log cabin will be treated – even those that cannot be reached after installation. In addition to that, it will also protect your log cabin from fungi and rot right from the start. The only thing to remember is that you will also have to paint your log cabin within one year of installation, in order to properly protect it against the sun, wind and rain.

The other option for treating the walls of a log cabin is pressure treatment, which is a process that involves forcing the impregnating fluid into the wood under high pressure. The best part about it is that this process is performed at the factory and no additional treatment, like painting or staining, is not necessary. However, after some time the pressure treated wood will start to turn grey – this won’t be a problem if you like the colour, but, if you don’t, it’s possible to stain the wood in a different colour.

In addition to these two options, you can also treat your log cabin yourself by staining or painting it with appropriate paint treatment, if you have the necessary skills and some free time to do it. However, regardless of which option you choose, it’s highly recommended to treat the log cabin before assembly, to ensure complete protection from day one.

Treatments for windows and doors

As with the treatment options for walls, there are two factory treatment options you can choose for windows and doors as well – spray treatment and factory painting. When it comes to spray-treating the windows and doors, everything is more or less the same as with spray-treating the walls. Meanwhile, factory painting means that you won’t have to paint the windows and doors yourself after they have been spray-treated. It’s also important to remember that, if you choose the paint treatment for your windows, it will be spray treated as well, before the paint is applied – therefore, this option includes all of the necessary treatments for your windows and doors.

We hope that this article has given you an understanding of how to protect your log cabin. If you feel ready to pick your own log cabin, take a look at the range of them available at https://www.lugarde.com/