Set up a timber gazebo to enjoy your garden even on rainy summer days!

In the summer the weather can change very quickly – one minute it’s sunny, the next it’s raining. The unpredictable British weather sometimes can be pretty annoying. However, the changing weather shouldn’t keep you and your family away from spending time in the fresh air. Set up a garden shelter – a waterproof timber gazebo – and enjoy rainy summer days having afternoon tea or dinner in the garden. How can a gazebo save the rainy summer days? Keep reading this article to find out!

A garden shelter

A timber gazebo is a multifunctional timber structure that provides shelter from both the rain and the sun. The main advantages of timber gazebos are the open structure that provides a shelter without isolating you from the rest of the garden, as well as water resistance. However, a gazebo can be more than just a shelter from the changing weather. If you like spending time outside, you can style it as an outdoor lounge! During the summer an outdoor lounge is the perfect place for kids or the elderly to avoid overheating in the sun. In turn, if you are a plant lover, a gazebo can serve as a shelter for plants, as well as protecting them from the rain and wind.

A gazebo with glass sliding walls

Not sure if an open structure gazebo is what you are looking for, however you don’t want to invest in a shed that tends to feel dark and unwelcoming? You can opt for a timber gazebo with glass sliding walls! This way you get a light and airy gazebo, that can be easily turned into a closed timber structure that protects you from the rain and the wind. In a gazebo like this, you can easily create a conservatory or a greenhouse, but when the doors are open your conservatory will turn into an outdoor lounge full of flowers!

Are you looking for a garden shelter? Choose a timber gazebo made of highest – quality timber and enjoy your garden even on rainy summer days! Discover the range of luxury timber gazebos on  or create a bespoke design with our unique 3D-configurator!