Gazebo – an excellent addition to a garden being used for hosting parties.

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Do you like throwing garden parties for your friends? Or do you enjoy spending long summer evenings with your family in your garden? Maybe you already have some plans for celebrations this summer? Whether you prefer effortless parties or peaceful relaxation, it is the right time to complement your garden with a gazebo for exciting summer gatherings in your garden.

Do you enjoy planning garden parties but you’re still looking for some inspiration? Here are our top tips for getting your garden ready for a party!

  1. Enough seats

If you are hosting a dinner party, make sure you have enough seats for everyone to sit down. You do not want to experience a situation where one of the guests is missing a seat. To avoid an awkward situation, prepare a couple of extra chairs. If you are setting the table under the gazebo, plan carefully how many guests can sit comfortably at the table. However, if you are planning a barbeque, you don’t have to provide seating for everyone under the gazebo. Most likely your friends will spend the time on their feet, chatting with each other.

  1. Outdoor lighting

If you plan to host an evening garden party or you want your guests to stay as long as possible, take care of appropriate outdoor lighting. You can also use the outdoor lighting to create the perfect atmosphere. If you are throwing a party, decorate the gazebo with electric colour changing lights or use candlelight for a romantic occasion.

  1. Party decorations

To prepare the gazebo for the party choose appropriate party decoration. Whether you choose balloons, flowers or garlands, your guests will appreciate the atmosphere you have created.

  1. Prepare for the evening

If your party won’t stop all night long, remember to prepare a few blankets to keep the guests cosy. Even better if you can arrange an outdoor heater or a firepit.

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