Extend your home into the garden – add a garden building to your house!

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Nowadays a garden building – a summer house, a log cabin or a gazebo is placed in almost every garden. Depending on the needs of the inhabitants of the particular household, garden houses can be used in different ways. Some invest in a garden house to set up a guest house or gym, some – to extend their living area for everyday needs, creating a garden office or arranging for extra storage space. Mostly these garden houses are placed in the garden as separate timber structures which require appropriate insulation to serve as a proper living area. But have you ever thought about adding a garden building like a lean-to- veranda or a gazebo with glass sliding walls to your home in order to extend your living space? Read on to find out how to extend your home into the garden!

Functionality of a garden building

A garden building is a great investment for many reasons. Whether you tend to use it as a home office, a playroom for kids or a storage area, it will help you to extend your living space noticeably. The way you are going to use it is totally up to you – all you need to do is to decorate it according to the intended purpose!

Imagine how a garden building could ease up your everyday life if it would be attached to your home – for example, you’ll be able to go to your home office without ever leaving home!

What to consider?

The main thing to consider is whether you choose a closed or a semi-closed wooden structure as the extension to your house. If you choose a semi-closed garden building, like a gazebo, you will be able to fully use it only in the spring and summer. However, if you choose a lean-to veranda with glass sliding walls, it will add an all year round living space to your home.

In the case you are planning to add an extension to your home in the form of a lean-to veranda or a gazebo, you might have to apply for a planning permission. As the planning permission regulation may vary between municipalities, we advise you to contact your municipality, to find out all the details.

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