Create a beautiful addition to your garden – turn your carport into a cozy gazebo

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The main purpose of purchasing a carport, of course, is parking your car. But have you ever thought of using it for other things? Yes – a carport can definitely serve as a multi-purpose timber structure! As spring is approaching, and your car will no longer be exposed to extreme winter weather conditions, it’s time to prepare your garden for summer! As we all know, summer is the best time to be outdoors, enjoying the beauty of your garden, however, you have to consider arranging a place where to shelter from the rain and the sun. Why invest in a new garden building that would shelter from the rain and sun, if you can use an existing timber structure –  for example, your carport! Keep reading to find out how to turn your carport into a cozy gazebo.

Carport in winter

Winter is the time of the year when you can use it for its main purpose – parking a car. A high-quality timber carport protects your car from snow and ice. Imagine – no more removing snow and ice from your car in the morning! Does it sound almost too good to be true? Yes, carports are great for winter use.

Carport in summer

During the summer you no longer need to protect your car from snow and ice, however, a carport can still be very useful. If your property allows you to park your car elsewhere, the timber structure can be used for a variety of purposes! Do you like spending time in your garden? If so, turn your carport into a cozy gazebo for your family and friends. If you have kids or older people in your family, they will definitely appreciate the shelter from the sun, and everyone will enjoy a barbeque or afternoon tea. How to create the right atmosphere? Firstly, place a table, benches, and chairs to create a cozy corner. To create the atmosphere, add some climbing plants, garden lights, and galvanized lanterns.

Do you consider a carport to be a multifunctional timber structure? If you do, you can easily turn it into a storage space, parking area or a cozy gazebo! If you want to own a carport, take a look at the range of carports at or design your own one with our unique 3D-configurator!