Carport sizes – what is the right carport size for your garden?

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A carport is a versatile and very useful timber structure – it can be used to protect your car both in the summer and the winter! When it comes to purchasing a carport, it is important to choose the right size, first of all, to fit a car or multiple cars, as well as to serve for other purposes you might require – like storing garden furniture, for example!  When choosing the right carport for your garden, you can opt for a small one car carport, or, if you’re looking for more space, a double carport. What is the right carport size for your garden? Read this article to find it out!

A carport for multiple cars

How many cars does your family own? If your household has two cars, then a double carport is the right choice for you! A double carport is perfectly suited for parking two cars – the space between the cars is large enough to comfortably move between them and open the door as well.

However, when choosing the right carport, consider the type of the car you are driving. Two standard cars will fit a double carport perfectly, however, if you own large cars, remember to compare the measurements!

A double carport is also a great choice if you want to use the timber structure not only for parking your cars! If you decide to invest in a double carport then you will have plenty of space for storage or a shelter from the sun as well!

A small carport for a small garden

If your family owns a single car or if you drive a small city car/-s, all you need is a small one car carport. A small carport is also ideal if you don’t have a lot of space in your garden. Have you always thought that your garden is too small for a carport or that a carport wouldn’t fit into your garden? It is possible to design a bespoke model in any size or design to fit any garden!

A garden can have different sizes, just like a car. Do you have a large garden and a big car or a small garden and a car? No matter what your garden and car sizes are, you can find the right carport! Discover the range of carports on and find the right carport four your garden!