Bespoke garden buildings – custom-made garden offices, guest houses and storage sheds

A bespoke garden building is something that many would like to own. However, there is a widespread assumption of custom-made garden buildings being overly expensive, that stops many from even considering such an option. This is not actually the case though, therefore, if you’re someone who’s in search for a specific garden building in terms of size or layout, have a love for design or just don’t want to opt for a standard model, a custom-made garden building is the right option for you. Whether you’re looking for a log cabin, a pavilion or a carport, the bespoke design option offered by the leading manufacturers allows you to design your dream timber structure from scratch! Keep reading this article to find out more about the bespoke design options, including size, walls, doors, windows and even factory treatments.

The advantages of a bespoke garden building

Why choose a bespoke garden building? When you’re decorating your home, you might want the interior of your home to express your personality or create a certain feeling or atmosphere. The same applies to a garden building. Whether you’re setting up a garden office or a lounge in a timber gazebo, it also has to meet certain criteria of the garden landscape according to your personal taste. Therefore, if you can’t find something that you are looking for in any of the standard models, a custom-made garden building is something you should look out for. That way you’ll have a garden building that’s tailored to all of your requirements – from the size and layout to the paint colour and roof type.

What are the options?

When it comes to designing a bespoke garden building, people tend to get confused by the unlimited options and can’t really decide on the elements that they want to combine in their garden building. To make it easier, it is advisable to start with choosing a template for a garden building that you intend to design – a corner summerhouse, a rectangular log cabin, a pavilion, a carport or a garage. When you have decided on a certain template, then the most exciting and creative stage can take place. You can now modify the template by adding walls (inner and outer), posts and a canopy (with or without balustrades) – this way you can change the size, the shape and layout of the timber structure according to your preferences! When the main structural elements are finished, you can choose your desired roof type, doors, windows and even glass sliding walls. At the end add the finishing touches – for example, a factory treatment and decorative elements like a weather vane.

Creating a bespoke garden building with an online configurator

Can a bespoke garden building be designed without hiring a designer? Sure it can – the leading garden building manufacturers develop easy-to-use online configurators that allow designing small garden sheds and spacious log cabins step by step from the comfort of your home. If this is a solution that you would like, definitely choose a configurator that offers a 360° design preview option.

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